Julian Tapscott

JULIAN-150Senior Vice President of Sales, Merrill Corporation

Julian Tapscott is a Senior Vice President of Sales in the LFTS division of Merrill Corporation and has almost 25 years of industry experience, having started his financial printing career in London in 1988. Throughout his career, Julian has worked extensively with internationally based issuers. He has lived and worked in Tokyo and Hong Kong setting up and managing joint ventures with local printing companies to assist companies with their local requirements.

Julian began working with Russian issuers at Capital Printing Systems where he was Managing Director of the London office and has met directly with issuers and their advisors in Moscow and St. Petersberg up to 5 times a year since 2004. He has worked on well over 100 Russian equity and debt transactions including GDR’s, UK and US Listed Equity Offerings, Tender Offers, Eurobond and Mtn issues. As a result, he is by far the most experienced financial printing representative working with Russian companies in the Industry.