Irina Arkhipova

Irina-Arkhipova-webPublic Affairs and Communication Director, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Russia

Irina graduated from Linguistic University n.a. Torez in 1996 and State University of Management in 1999.
Irina started her career in 1996 and worked in several positions in tobacco industry in Brooke Group, Liggett Ducat and Gallaher Plc. Companies.
Since October 2007, Irina worked as Corporate Affairs and Communication Director in Anchauser Busch InBev Company.
In 2008 Irina was ranked one of top 10 best GR-specialists according to the Rating of most effective government relations specialists published by the Russian professional Internet portal on lobbyism and GR
Irina joined Coca-Cola Hellenic in Russia in May 2011 as Public Affairs and Communication Director.