Gary Schweitzer

Gary-Schweitzer-webCapital Markets Partner & IPO Leader, Assurance, Ernst&Young LLC

Gary is a Capital Markets Partner and the IPO Leader for the Russian Federation and the CIS. With over thirty years experience serving public companies in a variety of industries including financial services, retail, telecommunications, energy and industrial products, his primary focus is to advise clients on debt and equity financing options and help clients successfully complete an Initial Public Offering in the US, UK and other major and alternative markets. He coordinates the CIS IPO Team which is a cross-functional team in four countries from assurance, transaction services, advisory and tax that helps clients with all aspects of IPO readiness, going public and being a public company. Gary joined the Moscow office of Ernst & Young in 2011 following assignments in public accounting in Tokyo, Seoul, Caracas, Budapest and Miami. Gary has participated in a variety of debt and equity listings including US IPOs, private placements in the US. GDR and premium listings in the UK and debt listings in a variety of countries.